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Papa & Barkley


Papa & Barkley CBD Products

At Palapa, we only stock the purest and best CBD products available on the market. That’s why we’re very excited to be working hand-in-hand with Papa and Barkley to bring you exclusive CBD products. Papa & Barkley was first established in 2014 and continues to provide trustworthy, safe tinctures to promote wellness. Browse their range of the finest quality CBD products, like their full-spectrum Releaf Drops and Releaf Balm

You can enjoy 100% pure CBD oil in their products, allowing you to benefit from the healing properties this cannabinoid has to offer. It is possible that these products will help alleviate stress, pain, dry skin, and many other problems. The extract found in Papa & Barkley's CBD oil works on the cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system to assist you in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

Papa and Barkley CBD Extraction

The process Papa and Barkley use when making their CBD oil products is straightforward: 

  1. Find organically grown cannabis plants from local farmers
  2. Test the cannabis plants for pesticides and heavy metals to ensure high quality
  3. Soak the cannabis plants in oil
  4. Press the plants
  5. Test the oil that’s been extracted
  6. Infuse oil with other homeopathic ingredients (such as essential oils)
  7. Test the product a third time
  8. Package and certify the product with an analysis of its quality and purity

Papa and Barkley CBD oil comply with the FDA’s CGMPs and manufacturing standards. They’ve also always been entirely open about their process. Their transparency, high production standards, and quality products make them a reliable and reputable brand. 

Order now and reap the rewards offered by Papa Barkley’s premium CBD products. For more information, contact us today and our team of experts will be able to assist you.

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