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Neurogan CBD Oil, 2000mg



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Neurogan CBD Oil 2,000mg is a powerful combination of CBD extracted from hemp slow-grown to peak bloom in Denmark plus MCT oil. This mg is ideal for those who have tried a lower strength with minimal effect and find they need a little more.

Artisan chefs prepare these oils in small batches by hand in a GMP certified lab to maintain consistency in the bottling process. These are third party tested for label accuracy.

Full-spectrum CBD is CBD extracted in its more natural form, retaining its entourage of potentially beneficial cannabinoids (including trace THC), terpenes, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum with the THC completely removed.


Strive for consistency. Take CBD oil every day at around the same time. Note how you feel when taking 1 33.3mg dose (.5 on the dropper) for 1-2 weeks and up the dose gradually to find the perfect dose for your individual needs.



Start by giving your pet either a half or a full CBD chew. Monitor how your pet feels after administration and adjust your dose accordingly. Follow our helpful dosage guide for dogs, here.



CBD Oil/full spectrum/citrus flavor/2000MG/30ML

Neurogan Broad-Spectrum Oil Dropper 2000mg Natural Hemp W/MCT Oil , 30ml



* Note that the lab test results showcased here offer a representation of the manufacturer's product. However, in order to review the latest lab results that correspond to the specific batch of the product you receive, please follow the manufacturer's instructions as noted in their packaging.

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