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Charlotte's Web Maximum Strength CBD Oil Tincture



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Charlotte’s Web high-concentration CBD oil is 60mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving, among the highest mg per ml in the industry. Perfect for those who have been using CBD for some time and want to explore how higher doses may improve their results. This CBD includes an entourage of antioxidants, phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and other potentially healthy substances found naturally in the hemp cannabis plant. Many people use high-concentration CBD oil to manage daily stress, enable greater focus, and reduce muscle and joint inflammation after a workout for faster recovery. CBD oil may also support a healthy sleep cycle when taken regularly as part of a healthy sleep routine. As the original CBD product in the industry, Charlotte’s Web was one of the first to introduce the world to the benefits of CBD and continues to use only high-grade ingredients in their products. Each batch of CBD is extracted using the industry-respected CO2 extraction method, which is environmentally-friendly and leaves no residues. With one of the simplest ingredient lists in the industry, nothing artificial goes into this product.


Consistency is vital to any CBD regimen. So take the same amount every day using the handy dropper. A full dropper will appear partially full as you do not want the oil to go up into the rubber end. Please be careful not to touch the dropper to your mouth or skin when administering to avoid contamination. Add to a cold beverage or take directly.



Hemp Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil & Organic Mint Chocolate Flavor Oil/Organic Lemon Verbena Flavor Oil/Organic Orange Flavor Oil (Organic Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors).



CBD Oil, 60mg



* Note that the lab test results showcased here offer a representation of the manufacturer's product. However, in order to review the latest lab results that correspond to the specific batch of the product you receive, please follow the manufacturer's instructions as noted in their packaging.

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